Es la incapacidad total o parcial para escuchar sonidos en uno o ambos oídos. Entre los síntomas comunes se incluyen:

• Algunos sonidos que percibimos demasiado fuertes
• Dificultad para mantener el hilo de conversaciones cuando dos o más personas están hablando.
• Dificultad para distinguir sonidos en ambientes ruidosos.
• Dificultad para diferenciar sonidos agudos entre sí.
• Escuchar con mayor dificultad voces femeninas que masculinas.
• Problemas para escuchar cuando hay ruido de fondo.
• Voces que suenan entre dientes o mal articuladas.
• Sentirse desequilibrado o mareado
• Sentir presión en el oído
• Zumbido en los oídos (tinnitus). » Read more


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Young professionals often struggle with carreers vs. income

As a young professional, I sometimes came to wonder: how come our global society can be so narrow when opening new doors to foreign and young students?, this is just a description of what happens to many youngsters around the globe.

Living in Latin America, being a colombian woman in constant struggle for my income and living (as many people of my age and backgound do) and knowing english can be as promising as a job in an outsourced call center, enough said. » Read more


Using aromatherapy elements in safe dosages may benefit your mood


Aromatherapy facts

Essential oils and scents are the perfect mix between pure nature elements and spa-like experience. They may also relief our stress without side effects. However, Aromatherapy is also used as key element in order to prevent and treat specific diseases.

Despite all the benefits of Aromatherapy, we would like to extend some information in order to clarify some of the most common myths on this therapy. » Read more

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