If you are one of the people who are always in search of the best areas to go on vacation, you must take into account Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which is considered as one of the cities with one of the best climates in the world , Mainly because it is located next to the Tropic of Cancer, this is how it becomes a site with 17 degrees in winter and 25 during the summer.

For many vacationers it is one of the sites that adore it because it is considered as a European capital. So it’s great place to visit or you can even stay there, as there are several very good options for it. That is why today we will know a little more of the best parts of Gran Canaria.


Among the main visitors who arrive to the city of Gran Canaria are undoubtedly the surfers or all those lovers of the sea and this city is perfect for it, since it has an incomparable beauty in its coast. So one of the recommended sites is Las Canteras, which is one of the most visited urban beaches in Europe, thanks to the excellent conditions.

Another of the sites is Cícer and El Lloret where people can find different properties Gran Canarias, for all people, since all can be adapted to these surfer areas by nature where the beach aroma is breathed for more than 3 Kilometers long. Here you can find all types of restaurants, bars and a Viva Beach, which is full of live music on Saturdays, so it’s a recommended place.


If you are one of those who intend to go shopping in Gran Canarias and need to stay several days on the site, it is best to get properties in Gran Canarias and thus save a lot of money. In addition to being one of the economic lungs thanks to its location between 3 continents, many people need to intensify their commercial activity.

gran canarias

So within the sites recommended by many people is for example the El Muelle Shopping Center, in addition to all the streets that are to its environs, where the shopping centers combine perfectly with the stores of important marks, in addition Of any type of demand product anywhere in the world.

Without a doubt Gran Canaria is a perfect place to go on vacation, shopping or even staying on the site, as it has many details that make it a perfect city.


Menorca (also referred to as Minorca) – located east of Mallorca – is considered one of Spain’s personal Balearic Islands within the Mediterranean Sea. With a inhabitants of about 82 thousand Spanish-speaking individuals, you are positive to search out all kinds of pursuits to take pleasure in do you have to determine to journey right hereparticularly on January 17. January 17 is a nationally celebrated day that marks when Alfonso III of Aragon conquered the island.



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Aromatherapy facts

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